In the late 80’s there was nothing better than watching violent action films starring Arnie. Especially when you were 7 or 8 years old. Scenes where Arnie emptied a machine gun into bad guys looked cool and it was fun to run around the playground emulating this, complete with sound effects. It was clean, healthy […]


Cauldron : C64 Review

In the early days of the C64, decent arcade adventures were few and far between. Then Cauldron came along with it’s combination of platforming and shoot -em up mechanics. It also featured a heavy adventuring flavour as well bringing a unique and spooky narrative to the expanding C64 library. There’s evil abound! In the form […]

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Combat School : Commodore 64 Review

Genre: Action / Arcade Publisher: Ocean Software Combat School for the C64 was an incredible conversion of Konami’s arcade smash hit. This is the chance to see if you would get through the tough physical and mental discipline needed to become an elite soldier. It’s a unique premise, in an era which was generally all […]

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