Star Wars: The Arcade Game Atari 2600

Genre: Arcade / Flight Released: 1983 Published by: Parker Brothers The Star Wars franchise is about to return with a bang in our cinema screens with Rise of the Skywalker but perhaps the best Star Wars experience was… Star Wars, the original?(or the IV : A New Hope title). Featuring Lightsaber battles, Mercenaries, Space chases […]


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Bounder : ZX Spectrum

Genre : Top down/ Action Platformer Released: 1986 Publisher: Gremlin Graphics Developers: Sean Hollingworth, Marcos Druroe, Peter Harrap and Chris Kerry In the mid-eighties, ball-based puzzle games were all the rage on 8-bit machines and Bounder was a classic in the genre. Audiences of Marble Madness and Trailblazer were thrilled by this smooth scrolling platformer […]

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