Joffa Smith – A Retro Legend

A friend of mine posted up a series of pictures of him playing through Cobra on the ZX Spectrum. My mind immediately went to the architect of this incredible arcade title. Jonathan Smith was a legend among game programmers. Someone who managed to push the systems he worked on further than others. He was a […]

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In the late 80’s there was nothing better than watching violent action films starring Arnie. Especially when you were 7 or 8 years old. Scenes where Arnie emptied a machine gun into bad guys looked cool and it was fun to run around the playground emulating this, complete with sound effects. It was clean, healthy […]


Bounder : ZX Spectrum

Genre : Top down/ Action Platformer Released: 1986 Publisher: Gremlin Graphics Developers: Sean Hollingworth, Marcos Druroe, Peter Harrap and Chris Kerry In the mid-eighties, ball-based puzzle games were all the rage on 8-bit machines and Bounder was a classic in the genre. Audiences of Marble Madness and Trailblazer were thrilled by this smooth scrolling platformer […]

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