DEMO STYLE TEXT : C64 Assembly

With thanks to Shallan for his help in this We have all seen the fancy demos that have been created on the C64 over the years. Some of the most artistic and entrancing graphics and text swirling around the screen. In this tutorial I am going to take you through how to make a fancy […]

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C64 Assembly : Multicolour Alphabet

We all would love to be jumping into coding some amazing games when beginning any new language. Before we do this however, we need to master some basics. Let’s get something displaying on the screen. We left our last lesson with the simple ‘Hello World’ example. Lets switch this up to printing the characters of […]

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C64 Assembly : Hello World

I wanted to start out with something simple when beginning to look at Assembly. The traditional Hello World output seemed like the best choice for this. I’ve taken an example from the excellent ‘The Anatomy of The Commodore 64‘ and Old Skool Coder‘s Youtube channel for this one. Starting the Code Block The first thing […]

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Combat School : Commodore 64 Review

Genre: Action / Arcade Publisher: Ocean Software Combat School for the C64 was an incredible conversion of Konami’s arcade smash hit. This is the chance to see if you would get through the tough physical and mental discipline needed to become an elite soldier. It’s a unique premise, in an era which was generally all […]

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