Fading Images onto the Screen

Cast your mind back to the opening title of Sonic the Hedgehog. As the game loaded, the title screen went from an entirely black screen to our spiky blue friend and his impressive logo. This is a technique which can be performed fairly simply and using the knowledge that we have previously learned regarding the […]

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Creating Tiles from Images

It’s impossible to make a game by creating tiles by hand. What we really want to do is use our knowledge of the Video Display Unit to bring in some pixel art and display it on the screen. This is the art of creating tiles from images. First thing we need to do is grab […]

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Unreal Engine : Beginning C++

In order to understand Unreal Engine you need to know some C++. There’s no getting around this. You can use Blueprints and craft a great game with them, however, as this is a coding blog I will be focusing on C++. Using Blueprints can only take you so far as their functionality is limited. Setting […]

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Gameboy Programming : Sound

After looking at Graphics, the next logical step is to look at sound, music and sound effects. This tutorial will look at how to make the basics of Gameboy sound design. The Sound Channels The Gameboy has four sound channels : two square waves with adjustable duty. a programmable wave table and a noise generator. […]

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